Can't hoop? Not for long!

The #1 reason adults think they can't hoop is that they failed using a kids' hoop from the store. You grew up! The hoops at Wall-mart are still for seven year olds. It's time to try an adult hula hoop on for size and give yourself a chance to surprise yourself. Hundreds of students have told me, "I can't hoop!" and left my lessons absolutely thrilled that they could do something they never thought they could do. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, big, or little. There is a hoop for you that will unlock the world of hooping. I just need to make one for you! 

Examples of Custom Hoops

Why Hooping?

Hula hooping is a fun, low-impact cardio exercise great for any age. It increases core strength, stability, and flexibility, while burning fat and making you smile. Hooping these days is so much more than just spinning it around your waist. There is a world of hoop-dance moves that will sharpen your body and mind, increase coordination, balance and overall fitness. Work your core, legs, arms and butt while burning calories and actually enjoying yourself!! 

Size of Hoop

Bigger = Easier
The circumference of my beginner hoops range from 38"-60" in diameter. The larger size means slower revolutions, giving you more time to get the hang of the motion required to keep the hoop up. If your adult hooping experiences have been negative, I am 100% confident that you just haven't been using the right size hula hoop.

Weight of Hoop

The nice, sturdy weight of my beginner hoop makes it easier to keep it up while you learn the basics. Beginner hoops weigh around 1.5 lbs. I do have heavier options available, but most people are much happier with the standard size. "Are your hoops weighted?" No, because you don't need a 'weighted' hoop. You just need a hoop that is just large and heavy enough for you get the moves down. Read my two cents about 'weighted' hoops below. 

The Gimmick of "Weighted" Hoops

The fitness benefits of hooping are from cardio, not from lifting weights. The longer you hoop, the better! If you buy a 5lb 'weighted' hoop from a store, your kidneys will ache and your skin will bruise, and you'll put it down in 5 minutes. You want a hoop that has enough weight for you to keep it up. A lot of my customers have wasted $40 on a commercial weighted hoop before they found out about me, and they all say the same thing, "It hurt to use it after 5 minutes, so it sat in my living room untouched since I got it."


ALL beginner hoops are $35, regardless of tape design or size. Every hoop comes with an added ring of grip tape around the inside of the hoop to keep it gripping to your body at all times. You can have whatever colors, size or design you want on your hoop!