Soak it up


"This is the best time of your life." Somebody told me after a show yesterday. I'm not sure how to feel about that! We took on a whole lot when we started this business, quit our jobs, and decided to get married in 8 months. "8 months! I'm so low maintenance, that will be plenty of time!" I told my mother. Boy, did I have another thing coming. Now, we are 2 months away, just finished our busy season performing, and have so much to do that I probably shouldn't even be writing this right now! The truth is that THIS IS THE BEST TIME RIGHT NOW, and I need to figure out how to enjoy it, let go of the stress, and soak it up. I will never get this minute back, or this day, or this hour. They will be gone, and I will have spent them how I chose to. Relaxed, present, and grateful or anxious, stressed, and a mess. It's up to me and only me.