Children's Programs for Libraries, Camps, & Schools


Fitness is FUN: Interactive Hula Hoop program for kids!

Performance: Each program starts with an energetic performance of Kelsey's hula hoop skills to a fun song that will grab the audience's attention and shows them what the results of practice and determination can look like. 

Short Interactive Discussion: Fitness is fun! Find what you love to do, whether it is playing tag, hula hooping, riding bikes, juggling, obstacle courses, etc and do it every day! Being active improves concentration and makes it easier to concentrate on school and reading your favorite books. It improves your memory and imagination, so you can dream big! No matter what activity you love to do, try to do it every day. 

Play Time!: I will break out my MANY hula hoops, and we will learn some new moves, play games, hula hoop through an obstacle course, and play freeze dance. I have many props other than hula hoops to adapt to any room size, group size or age group. I have dancing scarves so the little ones can play too! We will have a blast while learning that being active can mean lots of fun things, and that when you do something every day, you get really good at it! Everyone gets to participate in the activities. 


Hula Hoop Classes for Kids!

Kids love to hula hoop! Kelsey will teach them hoop moves, play hoop games, learn to dance while hula hooping, do partner exercises and most of all, have a ridiculously fun time. Have Kelsey bring all of her hoops to your event!