Custom Hula Hoop Boutique

Made-to-order hoops in your perfect size, weight, and design.

Beginner Hoops

These large, perfectly-weighted hoops are for mastering beginner hoop dance moves and are exactly what you need to jump-start your hoop journey. The key to learning to hoop is to have a hoop in the right size and weight (and favorite colors!). Don't know what size you need? I will size you for free or use my years of experience to make sure we have the perfect fit.


Intermediate and Polypro Hoops

Perfect for isolations, breaks, and techy tricks. I have 1/2" PE, 3/4 Polypro, and 5/8" polypro to choose from. Taped or bare, with the grip of your choice. Clear protective tape is included. 


Kids' Hoops

Not your wal-mart hula hoops! These quality, durable hoops are guaranteed not to kink or break. They have a nice weight and will keep your kids enjoying fun, physical activity outside! Great gifts!