Q: I don't have any hoop classes near me. How do I learn to hoop?!




A: I didn't have classes when I started, either! Just playing around with the hoop to your favorite music is a great way to learn. But, here are some online resources for tutorials and support. 

Youtube is a great resource! Search "Beginner hoop tricks" for tutorials or "Hoop tutorials" and just search hooping for inspiration videos. One day, you will be able to do those tricks!

Unity of the Hula Hoopers: www.facebook.com/groups/unityofthehulahoopers/

Your state has a Hoop group! Search "Oklahoma Hoopers", etc to find hoopers to meet up with!

Q: How do I know what size hoop to get?

A: A good guide for most beginners is to measure from your bellybutton to the floor, and round up in inches. If you live near Kelsey, you can stop by a class to try out a few hoops to see what size will be perfect.

Hoop Tubing Guide!

Exercise Hoops: 1" PE: This is Kelseyhoops' 'exercise' hoop, and they weight about 2lbs depending on circumference. These hoops are nice and heavy for beginners and tightening abdominal muscles. I always warm up with my big, 1" hoop because it helps increase spinal mobility and reminds your body what to do, while providing some extra work for your belly. An awesome hoop for sustained spinning. Gives your waist a nice massage. 

Beginner Hoops: 3/4″ PE: The perfect beginner hoop. Known as High Density Polyethylene. Loved by beginners, and even craved by professionals. A bit more of a ‘spring’ to HDPEs responsiveness than Polypro, HDPE also offers a bit more weight for added control and decreased speed of tricks. Sizes 35-42" 

Intermediate Hoops & Kids' Hoops: 1/2" PE: An intermediate hybrid! A definite recommendation when you aren't sure whether to go for PE or Polypro, but are sure you prefer a little bit of weight to your tubing and flow. A lovely tubing size and cheaper alternative for those that desire a thinner hoop, without giving up on that little bit of weight and bounce. 38" hoops and under. 

My First Polypro: 3/4″ Polypro: Meet your first polypro, more chill and controlled hooping, and a bit slower flow. Dampened response time, stellar for learning new tricks. Hoops 38" and under. 

Light as a Feather: 5/8″ Polypro: Light-weight, responsive, and feather light all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and an intuitive experience. 33″ and under in diameter is the recommendation to avoid wonkiness. 

Credit: hooptricks.com posted this originally. I tweaked it to fit my experience and opinions.