Custom Kids' Hoop Boutique


Custom Glittery Kids' Hoops

Let them pick out the colors! These hoops are very durable and made to order in any size and colors. 


These are not your toy store hula hoops! These are durable, grippy, glittery and have a very nice weight. 


Rainbow Kids' Hoops

Rainbow hoops are durable and grippy and make the perfect birthday present or holiday gift. These have more weight than toy store hoops, and are great for playing around and learning hoop tricks. Guaranteed not to kink or break. K


Custom Vinyl Kids' Hoops

Custom Vinyl Kids' Hoop

Vinyl Hoops are the most durable kids' hoop out there. These hoops have the same sturdy tubing as grippy hoops, but colored vinyl tape is used instead of grip tape, making them waterproof. Choose the colors and pattern, size and glitter at checkout!