Teen & Adult Program: Hoop-making & Hoop Class

Make your own Hula Hoop: Kelsey will bring plenty of blank, adult hula hoops in many sizes, and attendees get to choose the hula hoop that fits them, and they decorate their own hula hoop with a variety of tapes. While they are working, Kelsey will show a demo of what you can do with a hula hoop and talk about her personal experience with body image issues and frustration with conventional fitness. She started hooping to recover from an accident that left her with mobility issues and PTSD, and she talks about how finding her 'thing' helped her recover physically and emotionally. When she started making choices to be active and spend time doing what she likes to do out of love instead of self-loathing, it changed her life. This portion takes about 30 minutes. 
Hoop Fitness Class:  With the remaining time, Kelsey will teach attendees how to hula hoop and learn beginner hoop moves. Hula hooping is low-impact, cardio activity you can do in your living room, back yard, and with your kids. Daily physical activity (that is fun!) can help improve concentration, energy levels and overall happiness, as well as self-efficacy, balance, and coordination. She will leave them with a list of free, online resources for learning more, so they keep hooping at home! Her message is that fitness doesn't always mean going to the gym or running on a treadmill. Fitness can be as fun as hula hooping, and when you find something that you love to do, it can change your mind, body and soul. After the class, they get to take their hula hoops home with them! 


Hoop Dance Fitness Class

Kelsey will bring many adult hula hoops and do a demo and teach a hoop fitness class! Space is the only limitation. Hooping requires 8x8' per hooper space. These can easily be held out side if weather permits. Learn to stretching with a hula hoop, warm up, move the hoop up and down your torso, beginner moves and off-body tricks! This is a body-positive class, and Kelsey will discuss the importance of finding a fun way to be healthy! 
Program Duration: 1 hr
Program Cost: $150 instruction
Travel: $1/mi from Norman, OK
Space Requirements: 8x8' per hooper

Motivational Speaking

Kelsey was nearly killed in an accident in 2006 that paralyzed her and left her with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. From the moment she thought her life was over, she regretted all of the things she was too afraid to do, and hadn't gotten to do yet. At 19, she started from square one, learning to walk and learning to live in a world where terrible things can happen to you. She has a powerful message about what she has learned about human resilience, living with fear, and fighting depression and anxiety using the only tools you have.